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Water Access Map Lee County Florida

Lee County Area Water Access Restaurants / Food Stops

  • Fort Myers

    1-Agora Cuisine
    Call 995-3100
    N26.39.591   W081.53.375

    2 Harborside
    Call 997-7110
    N26.39.591   W081.53.375

    3-Sundown Tiki
    Call 656-0007
    N26.39.591   W081.53.375

    4-Bayfront Bistro
    Call 765-4371
    N26.26.171   W081.55.098

    5-Parrot Key
    Call 463-3257
    N26.28.085   W081.56.887

    5A- Doc Fords
    Call 765-9660
    N26.28.033    W081.57.003

    5B-Big Game Grill
    Call 463-3043
    N26.28.085    W081.56.887

    5C-Nervous Nellie's
    Call 463-8077
    N26.27.411   W081.57.276

    5D-Matanzas Inn
    Call 463-3838
    N26.27.376   W081.57.194

    5E- Dixie Fish Co
    Call 765-0707
    N26.28.033    W081.57.003

    5F- Bonita Bill's
    Call 463-6119
    N26.28.033    W081.57.003

    Call 489-0770
    N26.29.366   W081.59.405

    7-Johnny Browns
    Call 433-5111
    N26.31.760   W081.56.778

    Call 652-1313
    N26.38.457   W81.52.533

    9-Sanibel Harbor
    Call 466-4000
    N26.29.127   W082.00.679

    10-Coconuts Grille
    Call 652-5787
    N26.39.591   W081.53.375

    11-Big Hickory Grill
    Call 992-0991
    N26.21.426   W081.51.470

  • Pine Island

    12-Lazy Flamingo - Bokeelia
    Call 283-5959
    N26.42.060   W082.09.378

    13-Bert's Bar
    Call 282-3232
    N26.37.977   W082.03.960

    Call 283-5825
    N26.38.074   W082.03.95415

    Call 282-8233
    N26.38.317   W082.03.317

    Call 283-0592
    N26.29.517   W082.04.924

    17-Tarpon Lodge
    Call 283-2517
    N26.39.566   W082.09.177

    Call 283-5555
    N26.30.055   W082.04.969

    18A-Low Key Tiki
    Call 282-8454
    N26.30.251   W082.04.975

    19-Cabbage Key
    Call 283-2278
    N26.39.395   W082.13.317

    19A-Ragged Ass Saloon
    Call 282-1131
    N26.30.564   W82.05.045  

  • Cape Coral

    Call 542-0200
    N26.32.626   W082.00.431

    Call 540-9533
    N26.33.930   W081.56.623

    22-KC's Riverstop
    Call 549-5699
    N26.32.511   W081.57.002

    23-Tarpon Point Resort -

    A- Marker Call 92 541-5600

    B- Nauti Mermaid Call 541-5600

    C- Silver Kings Market Call 541-5700

    N26.32.370   W081.59.948

    Sanibel / Captiva

    24-Barnacle Phil's
    Call 472-1200
    N26.36.000   W082.12.875

    25-The Green Flash
    Call 472-3337
    N26.31.569   W082.11.298

    26-Grandma Dot's
    Call 472-2723
    N26.27.055   W082.01.848

    27-Tween Waters
    Call 472-5161
    N26.51.045    W082.18.903

    28-Waterside at Gasparilla Marina
    Call (941) 697-0724
    N26.30.055   W082.04.969

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